Bacteria and Cancer

Like fungi (and viruses) certain types of bacteria have been known to cause cancer. And like fungi and viruses, just because a person is prone to bacterial sensitivities or infections, doesn\'t mean it\'ll turn into cancer.

The more important, and potentially lethal, aspect is what\'s called a secondary. This means when the body/immune system is weak, something like bacteria can grow out of control and cause very real problems. An example of this is when a person with, say cancer, develops pneumonia. The treatment for the cancer may have been successful, however the secondary problem (in this case the pneumonia bacteria) causes death due to the body\'s inability to resist any further stress, especially in a vital organ.

Bacteria, again like fungi and viruses, are very smart (i.e. - recent term \"smart bug\") and becoming more resistant to chemical and drug treatments. The good news is that basic cleanliness (universal precautions*) still help. Taking appropriate steps to clean your house, nourish your body, get enough rest, and all those other common sense things are still some of the best. And better yet, researchers are finally looking at more natural non-toxic substances, such as certain foods, plant extracts, essential oils,** and light for their historical usage to control or eliminate harmful bacteria.

*universal precautions include wearing a mask (and/or eye protection), gloves, and disposable clothing; disinfecting and washing hands/arms (or non disposable items) properly; and following suggested methods to dispose of contaminated material.
** interesting note: essential oil of the herb thyme is known to kill staph on contact (it is also so strong it can burn the skin, so use caution when using this, or any other essential oil)

Author Pam Taylor has over 23 yrs experience in the holistic field as a therapist, instructor (including medical massage and terminology), consultant, and author.

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