Are There Cures For Ovarian Cysts?

Author: Jay Taylor

Before choosing between alternative health all natural ovarian cyst cures or opting for conventional treatment with your health care professional, there are some things that you need know before making that choice. First off it is imperative that you have the cyst diagnosed by a doctor. You need to know what type and the size of the cyst you have, before making any choices, whether natural or conventional treatment. Sometimes medical treatment may be necessary or be the only safe option. Many times a cyst will disappear after a few menstrual cycles. If not, most doctors will recommend surgical removal, where alternative medicine practitioners will advocate natural ovarian cyst cures.

A functional ovarian cyst usually disappears on its own even without treatment but there is a possibility that it will develop again. Natural treatment is an option to prevent development of a possible ovarian cyst. Abnormalities in the female menstrual cycle are what cause cyst development, so it stands to reason that herbs containing the right properties and proper nutrition are helpful as natural ovarian cyst cures to get the hormones levels back in order.

Supplements that assist in maintaining hormonal balance, improving immunity, and enhancing liver function are helpful for women who have suffered from ovarian cysts previously and want to prevent them from coming back. These supplements can act as natural ovarian cyst cures to help keep the body healthy and functioning well when taken regularly along with appropriate follow-up care by a doctor.

Women who don\'t get sufficient nutrition in their diets can supplement with multivitamins and minerals. Along the same lines, adequate amounts of vitamin C enhances the immune system and works to obliterate abnormal cells that can run the body down and make it more susceptible to illness including ovarian cysts. Zinc will assist with keeping free radical DNA damage under control, as well as assist cells to reproduce during normal egg development. On the other hand, hormone levels are balanced by B-vitamins that assist the liver in converting excess estrogen into a less dangerous substance. Cells are protected against damage and cellular changes with the assistance of antioxidants.

Individuals with ovarian cysts can take herbs as an ovarian cyst cure. Such herbs work like supplements, balancing hormones and preventing the formation of functional cysts. However, none of these herbs should be taken by women who are taking hormonal medication.

There are several herbs which help maintain equilibrium of the hormones so they may act as ovarian cyst cures. Silymarin marianum, more commonly known as milk thistle, is an herb whose properties allow it to have a protective effect on the liver and to improve its function, while deterring abnormal cell growth. Echinacea works by increasing white blood cells and maximizes blood cell activity, thus allowing the immune system to fight off abnormal cells. Echinacea works best when taken for 10 straight days, resting for 3 days, and resuming for another 10 more days.

If you choose to treat your ovarian cyst naturally, it is still best to ask guidance from your doctor. Even if supplements and herbs are deemed harmless, you should consult your doctor first before using any unproven ovarian cyst cures.

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