Depression and Cancer

Depression can occur for many reasons, and it\'s been noted since the beginning of written history. It\'s relationship to cancer has also been well documented.

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Nowadays, we know depression affects men (and children) as much as it does women. And the types of depression related cancers are also on the rise. These are breast, intestinal, and reproductive cancers. And, unfortunately, many men with depression are experiencing an increase in testicular and prostrate cancer.

Many people have asked how depression can cause/produce cancer, and the name says it all. This is in the fact that depression actually depresses the physical body and cells functions, causing aberrations, mutations and the inability to respond properly to dis-eases.

Depression can be anything from a simple case of the blues to life threatening. It is also very treatable. The most important thing to remember, consult you doctor or practitioner. This is to make sure there are no bodily/chemical imbalances, and they can treat accordingly with medicine or complementary methods.

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