Causes of Lung Cancer

Some of us may not know the reason why a person develops lung cancer which is a frightful ailment and can be the reason for losing one\'s life. As per some studies the projection of the life span of a lung cancer patient may not be more than five years. This is a very intimidating fact. When a person is confirmed for lung cancer the patient contemplates on the causes of lung cancer.

What causes any type of cancer is really still a mystery. However there are suspicions about what causes lung cancer and there are suggested risks. Whenever lung cancer is discussed, the great risk factor focused on is smoking. Nowadays not only is tobacco use considered a risk for lung cancer but second-hand smoke or environmental tobacco smoke is also considered to be a risk.

Other suspected causes of lung cancer are exposure to materials such as radon, asbestos and industrial substances such as arsenic. Some organic chemical are considered to be a risk for lung cancer. Radiation exposure, air pollution and tuberculosis are also suspected regarding what causes lung cancer.

It the cause or lung cancer was known with certainty, perhaps a cure could be found for this awful disease. Patients would be able to look to the future without the fear of premature death. What causes lung cancer? Many things are considered to be causes and for this reason these risks should be avoided. Staying away from these risk factors should definitely decrease a person\'s chances of being diagnosed with lung cancer. Research has shown that men who smoke increase their chances of dying from lung cancer at a rate of more than twenty-two time of men who don\'t smoke.

As per studies women also have twelve times more risk of dying from lung cancer compared to the ones who don\'t smoke. It is also seen that nonsmoking women have more chances to be diagnosed with lung cancer compared to non smoking men. The data has been collected with extensive research. It is a good idea to follow the suggestions given on the risk factors to decrease their chance of getting lung cancer.

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