A Look At Radiation Therapy For Breast Cancer

Author: Sibusiso M. Maseko

You may wonder why during October you see pink ribbons everywhere. Unlike other specific days and sometimes weeks, breast awareness has been given a month. Some companies use this month to pledge financial support to the cause and sell object colored in pink. This all sounds very positive but just how much of this money is put towards giving information on breast cancer to the public and on research?

To my mind it is far more important to have a good knowledge level about breast cancer and to be aware when you should have a mammogram. If it is caught very early, recovery rates are good. During October, more resources are put into supplying information on breast cancer and letting women know that if caught early on, it doesn\'t mean there is no hope. Even cancer caught later on can be treated successfully on occasion.

If you read up on information about breast cancer, remember to get the facts from reputable sources. Never doubt the ability of the internet to supply you up to date research from organizations and doctors who specialize in this field to keep you informed about the latest treatments. Always try to research the most recent information as it will probably have more bearing but you should always contact your doctor in any case and see what he has in mind. Any information on breast cancer you discover should also be given to all the members of your family even the younger ones who may not consider that they are at risk.

This information and talking to your doctor can help to decide if you need to be screened sooner as opposed to later. Information is a valuable resource and so are your family especially if there is a history of breast cancer and this may mean that you need to be screened earlier and more regularly. You should also find information on breast cancer pertaining to doing a self-exam.

Finding a lump early from your own examination could save very valuable time later on. It doesn\'t matter how difficult a subject it is, you must reiterate how important self examination is to all the other women you know and get them to learn how to do the same.

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