What Exactly Is Cancer?

Unfortunately, cancer is a fact of life in our world. People die from it every day and there are more kinds than one would like to think about. It seems every time you turn on the news, you hear another item or habit causes this dreadful disease. But what is it really? Why are there so many variations and what is the cause of it?

In a nutshell, cancer is the disease that occurs when your cells go haywire. Usually your cells enjoy a normal life cycle. We all know that the life cycle consists of birth, life, and death. Cancerous cells do not have a normal cycle however. These strange cells grow and grow. A mutation occurs and cells turn into tumors. Our bodies\' immune systems will fight these mutating invaders, but the assistance of radiation and other treatments is usually needed due to their rapid spread and the devastation usually caused.

As the unchecked cells continue to grow at an accelerated rate, they can form benign tumors if they grow in a localized place. These tumors are not necessarily dangerous and will not harm you unless they grow out of control and in size. The basic treatment of benign cancers is just leaving it alone, or cut them out if it\'s cosmetic.

A malignant tumor is what we generally think of when we hear cancer. Malignant tumors continue to grow and spread throughout the body. Infections and illness will spread throughout your blood stream.

Basic treatments for malignant cancer are removal of tissue that\'s affected and radiation or chemo therapy. Inoperable tumors will get chemo or radiation therapy as they are more effective for these tumors. The radiation will kill the localized cells and the body will dispose of them naturally.

Unfortunately there is no real cure for cancer, when a patient does have the tumor removed or the cancer is in remission. The odds of it coming back are great. Some cancers do have vaccines, but most do not. The best way to prevent cancer is diet and reduction of high risk behavior.

Nowadays, there are hundreds of websites, such as CancerAnswers.info, providing support and information for researchers, survivors, and those concerned with the deadly disease.

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